Specializing in small to medium sized residential and commercial properties.
We sublet all commercial properties. We refurbish, rent or sell residential properties.

For nearly 15 years, Bailey Development has constructed, developed and or designed several commercial and residential projects. In an era of large companies becoming mega firms, we prefer to travel light. We're not a big name in the business - and we don't want to be. Remaining focused on the creating the solution as opposed to just filling a space. We've remained on a small scale and prefer the face to face "hands on" interaction with our clients. With this philosophy, details are not overlooked; practical and realistic answers are addressed with an honest and forthright approach. Customer service that's based on listening and responding to your needs. Balancing creative solutions for your creative needs.

Those are the things we specialize in - and those are the attributes we rely on time and time again.
That's our priority! That's our business! That's who we are!

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