Frequent Questions

What is Flowing Wells Business Park? This unique building design of Insulated Concrete Formed (ICF) outside walls along with split level flexibility is perfect for any small to medium sized business in need of office space and or office space and warehouse.  The following link explains the type of businesses ideal for this development. 

Where is it located? This 15 acre park is located just off I-20 and Wheeler Rd (exit 195). Click  (Map) for directions.

When will construction begin? Construction should begin late 2009/early 2010. Any tenant wanting to occupy majority or entire building would take immediate precedence over our initial construction.

What type of business will go into Flowing Wells Business Park?
Businesses needing space for: Office use, office and warehouse, retail, service related, restaurants, printing, call centers, bakeries, florist, jewelry, deli, hardware, tanning, video/music rental, photography, religious services. Call for specifics 706-855-1000. B2 Zoning – Richmond County Zoning (pages 73-81).

Here are a few real estate definitions we are commonly asked:

Broker An agent who brings together a buyer and a seller, or a landlord and a tenant, in a real estate transaction. All brokers must be licensed by the state in which they work. Most work on commission, and the landlord or seller usually pays the fee.

Build-to-suit A method of leasing property in which the landlord makes improvements to a space based on the tenant's specifications. The cost of construction is generally factored into the lease terms. Most build-to-suit provisions apply to long-term leases.

C.A.M. An acronym for Common Area Maintenance. Generally includes repairs, insurance, waste management,property maintenance and the like.

Fully Serviced Lease or Gross Lease - refers to a lease in which the monthly rent includes the cost of certain types of services, which may include janitorial services, trash collection, utilities, water and sewer charges, property taxes, etc. Instead of the tenant opening their own service or utility accounts and directly paying for these costs, the landlord pays for the expenses, but includes an amount in the monthly rent to help off-set these costs.

HVAC An acronym for "heating-ventilation-air-conditioning" system.


Lease - An agreement by which the owner of a property (the "lessor") grants the right of possession to a tenant (the "lessee") for a specific period of time (the "term") for a predetermined amount of money (the "rent"). A "leasehold estate" is the space occupied by the tenant. Common types of leases include:

  • A straight, or flat, lease, which stipulates that the same periodic payment (usually monthly) be made for the entire term of the lease.
  • A percentage lease, which uses a percentage of the net or gross sales to determine the monthly rent. This is most often used in retail properties and with a minimum base rent.
  • A net lease, which requires the tenant to pay maintenance, taxes, insurance, and so on, along with a fixed rent. This is also called "Net-Net-Net" “NNN” or "Triple Net."

Sublease - A lease given by a tenant for some or all of a rented property. For example, if a tenant rents 20,000 square feet but only ends up needing 10,000 square feet, they may want to sublet the extra space for some or all of the remaining term of the lease, providing they continue to occupy and pay rent for the property. The original tenant is still responsible for the original terms and the original lease remains in full force.

Tenant Improvements (TIs) - the cost for improvements or renovations a specified unit in a commercial property based upon the tenant's requirements.

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